Convert emails from Mac Mail (.EMLX) to Outlook PST file

When you urgently need to convert e-mail data from the Mail application on your Mac to Outlook PST, this cloud email conversion service is a true day-saver. Feed it your *.EMLX or mailbox files exported from Mac Mail, wait until the conversion is done, and download a secure password-protected RAR archive with precisely converted PST inside. Piece of cake!

  • Accurate automatic conversion of Mac Mail emails and attachments
  • Does not require installing Outlook or Mac Mail
  • Works fast and don’t require many computer resources
  • Mailboxes up to 100 MB are converted for FREE

How to convert Mac Mail mailboxes to Outlook?

Mac Mail stores mailbox data in the MBOX format or in the EMLX format. ConvertEmail.Online supports both formats and converts e-mail messages from Mac Mail to the PST format readable by Microsoft Outlook. Note that you don’t need to install Outlook on your computer to perform the conversion.

Now, here is how the cloud conversion works.

1. Prepare mailbox files to convert

As we said above, you have two options here.

Convert EMLX messages:

You can export data from Mac Mail to the EMLX format. EMLX files are plain text files each storing contents of one e-mail message. Obviously, with thousands of e-mails stored in the Mac Mail app, you would end up with the same number of EMLX files. Uploading them one by one is too difficult, that is why you need to make some easy preliminary steps first.

You need to export messages from Mac Mail to EMLX. There are actually two ways you can do this:

  • Either Export Mailbox from Mac Mail. This will save these messages as *.emlx files.
  • Or go directly to the folder where Mac Mail stores mail data and find *.emlx files there. The folder you need is either ~user/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/[mailbox]/Messages/ or ~user/Library/Mail/[account]/INBOX.mbox/Messages/
    depending on version of the Mac Mail you use.

Now, zip all *.emlx files you need to convert to an Outlook PST file into a single ZIP archive and skip to the step 2.

Convert Mac Mail messages saved to MBOX files:

Older Mac Mail versions stored data in the MBOX format, which is also supported by the Cloud Email Conversion Service. In this case you should zip the MBOX files in the Mac Mail folder. Go to step 2.

2. Upload zipped email files

Now you need to feed your zipped EMLX files to the Cloud Conversion Service. If you are the Mac OS user, you may go to this page and select one of available uploading methods. If you are the Windows OS user, use special software to browse for the ZIP file you created on step 1 and upload it to the cloud service. Depending on the size of the package, uploading may take some time.

3. Confirm your e-mail address

As soon as the file is uploaded to ConvertEmail.Online, the service is ready to start converting the format of email messages to the PST format supported by Outlook. But now you need to confirm your e-mail address as the link to download converted PST file will be e-mailed to the address you provide. Hence, you need a working one here. Enter your e-mail address, then wait for the confirmation message and click the confirmation link in that message.

4. Convert EMLX to PST

Now it is time to convert your data. The service converts EMLX to PST automatically and does not require any third-party software installed on your computer. For the sake of security and prevention of unauthorized access to your e-mails, the resulting PST file is compressed into a password-protected RAR archive with a secure nearly uncrackable password. The link to download this RAR archive is emailed to you.

5. Download converted PST

Once the conversion finishes, you will receive a message to the e-mail address provided on step 3. Click the download link in this message to open the download page in your browser. This page displays a preview of converted data. There you can download the password-protected RAR archive containing your PST file. Click “Download result” to get your email data in the PST format.

Note, the cloud service allows you to convert mailboxes up to 100 MB for free. This means, if the resulting PST file is below 100 MB, you can get the password to the archive for free. Simply click the “Get RAR password” button and the password will be immediately displayed on the page.

If the size of the converted PST is over 100 MB, the cost of the password is $1 per GB + $4.95. In this case the “Get RAR password” button will direct you to the payment page. You will receive the password instantly as soon as your payment is processed.


As you can see, converting e-mails from Mac Mail to a single PST file that you can open in Outlook is easy, and if your mailbox is below 100 MB the conversion is also free.

ConvertEmail.Online cloud service is capable of converting any number of e-mail messages as well as their attachments, fix encodings, and even repair broken messages while converting. Of course, the entire folder structure remains the same in PST as it was in Mac Mail.

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