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Step 1: Pack your e-mail database to RAR or ZIP archive

Pack e-mail folder structure into a single RAR or ZIP archive. You can use either the means built into Windows, or download a third-party tool.

BETA: Our service supports the following formats in beta mode: Thunderbird, Incredimail, Mac Mail, The Bat!, Gmail (Google takeout), MBOX, MBX, Entourage, Turnpike,
Netscape, Postbox. Contact us if you don’t know what folder you need to add to archive.

Don’t know how to pack files? Here is the instruction:

  1. Run the WinRar archiver (download)
  2. Browse to the directory which you need to pack into archiveWinRAR
  3. Select the directory and files which you wish to pack
  4. Click “Add” button in the main WinRar menu ( or press Alt+A combination on the keyboard )
  5. Archive name and parameters window will appear, if you wish, you may change the archive file name at this step.
  6. Press OK button to start the archiving.

Step 2: Upload the RAR or ZIP archive to the conversion Cloud

Security of upload is guaranteed by our uploader tool. Your emails remain protected before, during and after conversion. The uploader tool is free and does not require installation.

  • Run the uploader tool and specify your e-mail address. You will receive the password to the secure RAR archive with converted PST e-mails to this e-mail address.Secure Uploader
  • Browse for the RAR or ZIP archive with your e-mails (Use “…” button). Click the “Upload” button to upload the file to the conversion Cloud. As soon as the upload is finished, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address provided before.

The Cloud server puts your e-mails to the conversion queue. Now, sit back in your chair and wait for the process to finish.

Ensure that your email provider is not filtering emails from domain. If the email was already filtered and placed to Spam/Junk email folder, open the web-interface of your email provider such as, open Spam folder, select the email from our service and mark it as “Not Spam”.

Step 3: Download e-mails converted to PST

As soon as the Cloud server finishes converting your e-mails to the PST format, you receive a web link to the e-mail box you specified on step 2. The link contains the detailed conversion report and the button to download the result.

Conversion Report

Note that the resulting PST file is packed to the password-protected RAR archive for additional security. Click the “Get RAR password” button to receive the password.

Now, as you received the converted PST file, simply open it in Outlook:
“File > Open > Open Outlook Data File”.

Pricing: 1 USD per GB + 4.95 USD (up to 100 MB Free Trial)

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