This is how you can transfer emails from The Bat! to Outlook PST

The method described below works without installing The Bat! or Outlook and allows swiftly and accurately convert The Bat! mailboxes in the MBOX format to a PST file you can then import to Outlook. Enjoy fast and error-flee conversion provided by our cloud conversion service!

  • Works automatically
  • Preserves folder structure and fixes missed and corrupted encoding
  • Purely online, no need to install e-mail clients
  • Mailboxes up to 100 MB are converted for FREE

A simple way to transfer mail from The Bat! to PST

When it comes to converting mailboxes to Outlook PST you have many options. Indeed, there are built-in import/export capabilities in e-mail clients, there are third-party software and so on. However, most of available ways to convert messages from The Bat! to a PST file are non ideal. Some of them require manual tinkering with settings, some are insecure, and others simply do not work well.

On the other hand, ConvertEmail.Online is a cloud service that effortlessly and precisely converts The Bat! messages, attachements and contacts to a PST file ready to be imported to Outlook. The entire process is automatic and does not require you to even install The Bat! or Outlook. Here is how it works.

Prepare mailboxes for conversion

First of all, we need to prepare The Bat! mailboxes for conversion. The thing is, The Bat! stores messages in its own proprietary format, non-compatible with Outlook PST directly. Hence, you need to export emails from The Bat! to the MBOX format (Unix mailbox) first.

To export to MBOX, do the following:

  1. Run The Bat! email client software
  2. Find the mailbox you want to convert to PST and select it.
  3. Then, select all messages in that mailbox you want to export.
  4. Now, in the Tools menu select “Export messages to -> UNIX mailbox”.
  5. Name the output MBOX file (example: inbox.mbox) and save it. After this procedure finishes you will end up with one MBOX file containing all the selected messages in a given The Bat! mailbox.
  6. Zip the MBOX file.

Now, you are ready for the next step.

Upload The Bat! mailbox to the cloud conversion service

ConvertEmail.Online is a cloud conversion service that works purely online. To convert The Bat! mailboxes to PST you need to upload the zipped file containing MBOX files to the service. We offer several uploading options, simply select the one you find most convenient here and browser the zipped file on your computer.

However, before you can start conversion you need one more thing…

Confirm your e-mail address

Our online converter is designed to be secure and safe for your personal data. That is why we use multi-level protection, specifically:

  • The conversion is fully automatic, so nobody will ever see or open your mailbox
  • The conversion result (a PST file) is packed into a password-protected RAR archive which is known as one of the most hard-to-crack archives in the world
  • The converted PST file is stored on our servers for 24 hours only and then is automatically deleted
  • The link to the report page where you can download the converted PST file is emailed only to you, to the confirmed e-mail address
  • Outlook setup is not required

That is why you need to confirm your e-mail address before starting the conversion.

Convert The Bat! to PST

After uploading your zipped MBOX files to the service using one of available methods, you can order ConvertEmail.Online to start the conversion. The process is automatic. You can close the browser window with the converter, because you will be notified by e-mail when the conversion is done. Specifically, you will receive a link to the conversion report.

The report displays a preview of the folder structure and messages of the converted The Bat! mailbox, overall size of the resulting PST file and two buttons:

  • Download Result
  • Get RAR Password

The first button allows you to download the resulting PST file. As we said above, the result is packed into a password protected RAR archive for additional safety. Click the second button to get the password to this archive.

Download the conversion result

On the report page click the “Download Result” button.

Important: the file is password-protected. To get the password, click the “Get RAR password” button. If the resulting file is less than 100 MB, you will receive the password for FREE! Otherwise, the cost of obtaining the password is proportional to the size of the converted mailbox and is displayed on the report page.

ConvertEmail.Online has converted your The Bat! correspondence to an Outlook PST file fast and easy. Enjoy!