Put simply, the below sections state that we respect your privacy and never sell, rent, share, modify or otherwise disclose your personal information either in the form of automatically collected data (cookies) nor in the form of explicitly uploaded mailbox data.

Even simpler: your privacy is our prime concern and we never disclose your data to third-parties in any way. All transfers from and to convertemail.online are SSL encrypted.

What data we collect

First, this website uses cookies to identify a visitor. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer. We use cookies both for use identification purposes and to make using our website more comfortable. You can disable using cookies in your browser settings, but please note that this may render using this website more difficult or impossible.

Second, we collect your IP address and the date and time of your visit. This is done automatically by the server software.

Third, we collect your name and an e-mail address in case you decide to create an account at convertemail.online  service or pay for it. The IP data are not linked to your name or e-mail address.

Finally, if you purchase our services, we collect additional payment data about you to identify you, prevent frauds and secure your purchase. Note that we do not collect your credit card data, nor do we have access to it. All payments are processed by our secure payment processor.

How we use collected data

We use the collected data strictly to provide you with our e-mail conversion services. We never collect more data than is needed to provide the service, nor do we use the collected data for any other purpose beyond providing our services. We never give, sell, rent or share your personal data to anyone.

We never look into, read, modify, hack, break, give, sell, rent or share your uploaded mailbox files. We do respect your privacy, so the contents of your e-mails remain unknown to us and are never disclosed to anyone. The uploaded mailbox files are also never modified, hacked, break, given, sold, rented or shared to anyone. The access to the uploaded files is only granted to those who have the download link to the uploaded file. And the download link is only provided to you.

Mailbox conversion is performed automatically without any human intervention, which means the contents of mailbox files remain 100% free from unsolicited access.

How long we store the collected data

We store your personal data (specifically, name and e-mail address) as long as this is required to continue providing our services.

We store your uploaded mailbox files for 24 hours only. After that time, the uploaded files are irreversibly deleted from our storage. Note that you can explicitly delete any uploaded files manually at any time by requesting us to do this. Also note that we do not backup these data and cannot restore them even if you ask us to.

What we NEVER do to your data

We never look into, read, modify, hack, break, give, sell, rent or share your data. Also, if you created an account, we never give your e-mail address to anyone. We never keep your data beyond the standard 24 hours storage. We never disclose, publish or share the download link to your uploaded files to anyone. The only person who can do this is you.

What we MAY do to your data

We may use your e-mail address to send you notification messages related to managing your account or your uploaded files. Your e-mail data is also used to send to you your purchase confirmation and other associated payment information. We may also use your name, company name and address to issue an invoice to you.