By accessing and using its services you agree to the below Terms of Use. Moreover, you agree to comply with and follow these Terms as well as agree to not try to bypass or avoid them by any means such as creating multiple accounts or using multiple e-mail addresses etc. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use you must cease using this service and delete your account on it.


This service provides automatic mailbox format conversion. The service works online as a webservice.

Allowed Use.

The service is provided “as is” for personal and commercial use. Any commercial use of the services is explicitly prohibited. Any use of the services for illegal purposes is not allowed.

You are allowed to use the service to convert a mailbox and email files of the specified size corresponding to your subscription plan from one format to another. You can do this by creating an account at the service, uploading an archive containing mailbox and/or email files of one of the supported formats, wait while the service processes it and then receive a download link to the converted file. The result can be downloaded using this link within 24 hours after the conversion. After that the uploaded and converted files are automatically and irreversibly deleted from our storage. If you want to remove the files earlier, you can explicitly request immediate deletion.

Payment Options:

Pay as you go

This is a one-time payment, without any further recurring payments. You purchase the result of the email or mailbox conversion by the service. The result can be downloaded within 24 hours using the download link to the password-protected archive.

Important! The password to the archive is displayed on the purchase page directly after your purchase is processed. If you missed the password, please contact our support immediately. Our support will restore your access to the converted file as long as the 24 hours time span did not expire. If you paid, but didn’t have opportunity to access the result of conversion for some reason, you will be provided a way to perform one more email conversion for free.

Prepaid conversions

You can purchase a number of prepaid conversions to use the service a fixed number of times depending on the purchased prepaid package. The payment is one-time and the package never expires. The paid conversions are activated instantly as soon as your payment is processed.

Monthly subscription to conversions

Alternatively, you can purchase monthly subscription to conversions. The billing period is one month. The quota of conversions expires in the end of the billing period. You can cancel the subscription at any moment, but the unused funds in the current billing period are not refunded. Your subscription is activated instantly as soon as your payment is processed. The subscription is renewed in the end of the billing period for another billing period unless cancelled.

Uptime Guarantee.

We guarantee 99% uptime of the service during month. Any downtime periods that happened to occur within your prepaid billing period will be refunded as follows: for each 10 minutes of downtime you will receive 1% of your last invoice amount up to 100% of the invoice amount. For instance, if during your subscription plan the service was down for 20 minutes, we will refund 2% of the total amount of the last invoice.


All payments are non-refundable. We issue a refund only if we failed to comply with the monthly 99% uptime as described above. However, the failed uptime compliance refund policy does not apply to the “Pay as you go” payment option. Instead, you will receive another conversion for free if you failed to obtain the result of the previous “Pay as you go” conversion due to the downtime of the service.

To receive a refund you should submit a refund request and provide us the following information:

  • The exact date and time of each downtime incident that you claim the refund for;
  • The logs of your access sessions to the server to confirm the unavailability of the service during that time.

Additionally, refunds will not be issued in one of the following cases:

  • Not supported or damaged mailbox files uploaded to the server;
  • Unavailability of the service to the scheduled maintenance;
  • Any circumstances beyond the line of responsibility of that prevented us from providing the service including but not limited to Internet provider failures, hardware failures, broken connection and such;
  • Any force-majeure circumstances that prevented us to provide the service.

Privacy Policy.

By accepting these Terms of Use you are also accepting our Privacy Policy.


We are not responsible for the content you upload to the service. Note that you are not allowed to use our service for any kind of copyright infringement activities as well as for any other illegal activity. We inform you that uploading to the service materials that are protected by copyright laws is prohibited and can result in legal prosecution in accordance to the law in force.