Questions and Answers

Q: How long it will take to convert my messages?
A: It is depending on current service load and amount of your email files. The service is capable to convert approx 1000 emails per minute.

Q: What maximum number of emails your service may convert?
A: Hmm. We did not count, really. However we would recommend to use our service if the total size of your emails is less than 15 Gb.

Q: How I may speed up the conversion?
A: Do not pack unneeded emails and mailboxes, for example you may ignore deleted items or emails in Junk folder. Some of email apps allow to optimize the unused space in the email storage, so you may want to run it. For example Thunderbird allows to compact emails. If the source message store contains thousands of multiple email files, please organize them by directories prior to pack into archive, keep as smaller amount of emails in each folder as it possible.

Q: What application is used to convert my data and where I may buy it?
A: We using the PHP modules and Apache libraries developed by our specialists. We do not sell them which allows us to keep our service unique.

Q: Should I install Outlook to convert my emails?
A: There is no need to setup Outlook to get your emails converted to PST format at our service.

Q: May I upload my source emails to the DropBox for the conversion?
A: Yes. You have to create the special Share link at DropBox and submit it for the conversion. Our service will download your data from DropBox.

Q: What if my mail contain “insecure” attachments?
A: Please do not use our service to convert emails containing viruses or another insecure content. Our service will not process such emails.

Q: What if my mail contains sensitive government related information?
A: We guarantee the confidentiality of your information, but it may be prohibited in your company to transfer sensitive files out of the secure environment. In this case we ask you please to use the conversion software instead. We would recommend Outlook Transfer products which are trusted by the law firms and government agencies all around the world.

Q: My mailbox files are damaged, may I still use your service?
A: Yes, our service may convert emails packed into mailbox files even if they are damaged. In rare cases it may require the human presence. Ask our support person to help if you getting conversion error.

Q: Is that possible that my emails will be damaged during conversion?
A: You have nothing to worry about. Our service works with the copy of your source emails and do nothing with original emails.

Q: May I use PST file with Outlook at Mac OS?
A: Yes, PST file may be imported into Outlook for Mac. You may use our conversion service to migrate from Mac Mail to Outlook.

Q: Will you keep or read my emails?
A: No. Service processing each byte of data automatically and no one allowed to view or copy your emails. If you want us to check your data you have to permit us to do so in your support email.

Q: How long my files will be store at your side?
A: Our service will delete all your files after 24 hours from the time of the conversion. Conversion report will be deleted as well. If you want it to be removed earlier, please contact us.

Q: Will you use my email to send me ads?
A: No. We do not send any ads or promotions via email. Please note that your email address is еру only data we store to process your conversion task. Our service is using it to send the notification emails about conversion error or the process completion.

Q: How I may support your service?
A: Let others know about us, it is the best you may do.