One tool to convert all mailbox file (mbx) to Outlook PST file

Mailbox (*.mbox, *.mbx) is a universally accepted file format that contains email messages in the text form. And while dozens of e-mail clients and other software can read and write MBX or MBOX files, direct import of mailbox to Microsoft Outlook is still not possible. But with Cloud Email Conversion Service you can bridge the gap between one of the most popular mailbox formats and one of the most popular e-mail clients. Even without installing the latter on your machine!

  • Accurately convert mailbox files to PST
  • Secure and reliable online service
  • The result of conversion is password-protected to prevent unsolicited access
  • Free Trial conversion of files up to 100 MB

Convert MBOX to Outlook online

Learn how to convert those MBX files to Outlook PST

What is MBX/MBOX format?

Historically, the MBOX format was used on Unix systems as a way to store collections of e-mails together, so sometimes it is even referred as a UNIX mailbox. Then, the format got widespread and is still supported by galore of applications including Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora, Entourage, The Bat! and other e-mail clients. Unix/Linux e-mail clients also use the MBX format to store messages.

So, how to convert the mailbox format to PST? Microsoft Outlook cannot import it directly, even though the app does support exporting to MBOX format. We recommend using ConvertEmail.Online cloud conversion service to convert MBOX files to PST. Let’s see how to do this…

Upload the MBOX file you want to convert

Uploading starts here. Select one of uploading options available in ConvertEmail.Online and continue. Then, you will need to confirm your e-mail address. Later, this e-mail address is used to send you the results of conversion. That is why you need a working e-mail address, and that is why you are required to verify it. Also, sending the link directly to your e-mail instead of just giving it straight to you after conversion adds additional layer of protection and prevents data leakage and keeps your privacy. You don’t want your personal or business correspondence become public, do you?

Now, convert MBOX to PST online…

You don’t need to install third-party software: neither the e-mail client the MBOX files originate from, nor the software converter. You don’t even need Outlook on your PC! The entire conversion process goes online and is performed by our cloud conversion service.

Once the source mailbox file is converted to the PST format, a link to the conversion report is emailed to your e-mail, the one you specified. Click the link to open the conversion report in your browser. The report displays preview of the converted mailbox file as well as the total size of the resulting PST file.

Report example:

Report screenshot

It’s done. Download the result.

To download the result, click the “Download result” button. The result of conversion (a PST file ready to open in MS Outlook) is packed into a password-protected RAR archive. RAR is famous for its nearly uncrackable passwords, so this protection is a guarantee that your data remain yours.

To get the password to the RAR archive, click the “Get RAR password” button. If the converted PST file size is less than 100 MB, the password is provided to you for FREE. No additional actions is required in this case. If the size of the resulting PST converted from MBX is larger than 100 MB, the password to the RAR archive will cost you a bit. Specifically, the price is $4.95 plus one dollar for every 1GB of data. Not that much, provided you save hours on manual conversion. The password is provided instantly as soon as your payment is received.

As you see, converting mailbox files to Outlook is easy enough even without special conversion tool. Our automatic cloud conversion service is secure and absolutely straightforward. Try it!

Convert MBOX to Outlook online